Open Skies shares in the increasing global concern around COVID-19, please read our response here.

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World-class professionals providing the highest quality MRI services without the wait.

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Welcome To Open Skies MRI

Our patient centered focus allows us to provide a comfortable, compassionate experience with high quality diagnostic capabilities.

Open Skies MRI was the first fully accredited and licensed MRI facility in the province of Saskatchewan and has been in operation since 2012.

Our group has provided high quality imaging for WCB, SGI and patients involved in research projects in the province of Saskatchewan. Many of our radiologists have specialized advanced training in particular body areas.

The Patient Choice Imaging Act allows anyone who chooses, to pay for the service rather than wait. The cost of each exam varies based upon what is requested by your physician. For each private MRI exam provided at Open Skies, we provide a second scan to a patient on the public wait list at no charge.

We are here to provide the most accurate diagnosis while maintaining a comfortable, compassionate patient experience.